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Publications sur la période 2017-2012


- MAJU KURIAKOSE, SAMUEL RAETZ, QING MIAO HU, SERGEY M. NIKITIN, NIKOLAY CHIGAREV, VINCENT TOURNAT, ALAIN BULOU, ALEXEY LOMONOSOV, PHILIPPE DJEMIA, VITALYI E. GUSEV,1, AND ANDREAS ZERR, Longitudinal sound velocities, elastic anisotropy, and phase transition of high-pressure cubic H2O ice to 82 GPa, PHYSICAL REVIEW B 96, 134122 (2017) ,

- F ZIGHEM, D FAURIE, M BELMEGUENAI, N GIRODON-BOULANDET, M S GABOR, P DJEMIA, Annealing effect on elastic, magnetic and magnetoelastic properties of CoFeB thin films on polymer substrate, Journal of Physics D : Applied Physics 50 (2017) 45 ,

- B.R. BRAECKMAN, F.MISJAK, G. RADNOCZI, M. CAPLOVICOVA, P. DJEMIA, F. TÉTARD, L. BELLIARD, D. DEPLA, The nanostructure and mechanical properties of nanocomposite Nbx-CoCrCuFeNi thin films, Scripta Materialia 139 (2017) 155–158,

- F. FAESE, D. POINOT, P. DJEMIA, S. CHATEL AND L. BELLIARD, Study of the mechanical properties of thin films involved in ophthalmic glasses, The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 141 (2017) 3905 ,

- M. ZERDALI, F. BECHIRI, S. HAMZAOUI, F. H. TEHERANI, D. ROGERS, P. DJEMIA, Y. ROUSSIGNE, Identification of acoustic waves in ZnO materials by Brillouin light scattering and electrical excitation for SAW device applications, Proc SPIE. 10105, Oxide-based Materials and Devices VIII, 1010514 (March 7, 2017)

- B.R. BRAECKMAN, P. DJEMIA, F. TÉTARD, L. BELLIARD, D. DEPLA, Impurity-controlled film growth and elastic properties of CoCrCuFeNi thin films, Surface & Coatings Technology 315 (2017) 475–483,

- D FAURIE, N GIRODON-BOULANDET, A KALADJIAN, F CHALLALI, G ABADIAS, P DJEMIA, Setup for high-temperature surface Brillouin light scattering : Application to opaque thin films and coatings, Review of Scientific Instruments, 88 (2017) 023903,

- M. APREUTESEI, P. DJEMIA, L. BELLIARD, G. ABADIAS, C. ESNOUF, A. BILLARD, P. STEYER, Structural-elastic relationships of Zr-TL (TL = Cu, Co, Ni) thin films metallic glasses, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 707 (2017) 126-131


- M.A. BOUSNINA, F. TURKI, F. SCHOENSTEIN, F. TÊTARD, P. RABU, L-S. SMIRI, N. JOUIN, Bulk nanostructured Ni-P alloys : Elaboration from metastable Ni-P nanoparticles by spark plasma sintering ; mechanical and magnetic properties, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 686 (2016) pp. 252-266

- G. DIRRAS, L. LILENSTEN, P. DJEMIA, M. LAURENT-BROCQ, D. TINGAUD, J.-P. COUZINIE, L. PERRIERE, T. CHAUVEAU, I. GUILLOT, Elastic and plastic properties of as-cast equimolar TiHfZrTaNb high-entropy alloy, Materials Science and Engineering : A, 654 (2016) pp.30–38


- D. FAURIE, P. DJEMIA, O. CASTELNAU, R. BRENNER, L. BELLIARD, E. LE BOURHIS, PH. GOUDEAU, P.-O. RENAULT, Peculiar effective elastic anisotropy of nanometric multilayers studied by Surface Brillouin scattering, Superlattices and Microstructures, 88 (2015) pp. 551-560.

- P. DJEMIA, Q-M. HU, M. BENHAMIDA, KH. BOUAMAMA, L. BELLIARD, G. ABADIAS, Structural and elastic properties of ternary metal nitrides Zr_{1-x}Ta_{x}N alloys thin films : experimental study and first-principles calculations. submitted to ...

- N. SEBEHI, Kh. BOUAMAMA, P. DJEMIA, and K. KASSALI, Structural and elastic properties of Ternary Silicides ScTSi (T= Co, Ni, Cu, Ru, Rh, Pd,
Ir, Pt) and of the equiatomic intermetallic compounds YTX (T = Ni, Ir and X = Si, Ge, Sn, Pb)
, Physica Status Solidi B, 253 (2015) pp. 2769–2777.

- Kh. BOUAMAMA, P. DJEMIA, M. BENHAMIDA First-principles calculation of the structural and elastic properties of ternary metal nitrides Mo_{1-x}Ta_{x}N and W_{1-x}Ta_{x}N, Proceeding of the Conference on computational Physics (CCP 2015), 11-14^{th} August 2014, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Journal of Physics : Conference Series 640 (2015) 012022. (Affiche)

- M. GHIDELLI, S. GRAVIER, J.-J. BLANDIN, P. DJEMIA, F. MOMPIOU, G. ABADIAS, J.-P. RASKIN, T. PARDOEN, Extrinsic mechanical size effects in thin ZrNi metallic glass films,Acta Materiala 90, (2015) p. 232–241.


- G. ABADIAS, M.B.KANOUN, S.GOUMRI-SAID, L.KOUTSOKERAS, S.N. DUB, PH.DJEMIA, Electronic structure and mechanical properties of ternary ZrTaN alloys studied by ab initio calculations and thin film growth experiments, Phys. Rev. B. 90 (2014) pp. 144107

- G. SANCHEZ, P. TRISTANT, C. DUBLANCHE-TIXIER, F. TETARD, A. BOLOGNA ALLES, Effect of low RF bias potential on AlN films obtained by Microwave Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition, Surface and Coatings Technology, 256 (2014) pp. 3-8

Effect of spark plasma sintering process on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Nano crystalline hydroxyapatite ceramics prepared by hydrolysis in polyol medium,
International Journal of Advanced Chemistry, 2 (2), pp. 80-84 (2014)

- G. ABADIAS, P. DJEMIA, L. BELLIARD, Alloying effects on the structure and elastic properties of hard coatings based on ternary transition metal (M=Ti, Zr or Ta) nitrides. Surface and Coatings Technology, 257, pp. 129-137 (2014)

Microstructure and mechanical properties of bulk highly faulted fcc/hcp nanostructured cobalt microstructures,
Materials Characterization, 91, pp. 26-33 (2014)

- M. GHIDELLI, A. VOLLAND, J.-J. BLANDIN, T. PARDOEN, J.-P. RASKIN, F. MOMPIOU, P. DJEMIA, S. GRAVIER, Exploring the mechanical size effects in Zr_{65}Ni_{35} thin film metallic glasses, Journal of Alloys and Coumpounds, 615, pp. S90-S92 (2014)


- A. FILLON, C. JAOUEN, A. MICHEL, G. ABADIAS, C. TROMAS, L. BELLIARD, B. PERRIN, PH.DJEMIA, Lattice instability and elastic response of metastable Mo_{1-x}Si_x thin films, Phys. Rev. B. 88, 174104 (2013) -

- ANDREAS ZERR, NIKOLAY CHIGAREV, JUDITH BOURGUILLE, FLORENT TETARD, OVIDIU BRINZA, SERGEY NIKITIN, ALEXEY LOMONOSOV, VITALYI GUSEV, Elastic moduli of hard c-Zr_{3}N_4 and eta-Ta_{2}N_3, a tough self-healing material, via laser ultrasonics and nanoindentation, In proceeding of : APS Topical Group on Shock Compression of Condensed Matter, At Seattle, Washington, Volume : 58 (2013)

- TSCHAUNER O., KIEFER B., TETARD F., TAIT K., BOURGUILLE J., ZERR A., DERA P., MCDOWELL A., KNIGHT J., CLARK S., Elastic moduli and hardness of highly incompressible platinum perpnictide PtAs2. Appl. Phys. Lett. 103, 101901 (2013) -

- T. PHAM, D. FAURIE, P. DJEMIA, L. BELLIARD, E. LE BOURHIS, P. GOUDEAU, F. PAUMIER, Phase transition signature on elastic constants in Al_{1-x}Cr_xN ternary alloys
thin films
, Applied Physics Letters 103, 041601 (2013)

- R.G. ELENGA, P. DJEMIA, D. TINGAUD, T. CHAUVEAU, J. GOMA MANIONGUI, G. DIRRAS,Effects of alkali treatment on the Microstructure, Composition, and Properties of the Raffia textilis Fiber, BioResources 8 (2), pp.2934-2949 (2013)-

- P. DJEMIA, Kh. BOUAMAMA, Ab-initio calculations of the photoelastic constants of the cubic SiC polytype, Proceeding of the Conference on computational Physics (CCP 2012), 14-18^{th} October 2012, Kobe, Japan. Journal of Physics : Conference Series 454 (2013) 012060- (Affiche)

- J. GOUPY, P. DJEMIA, S. POUGET, L. BELLIARD, G. ABADIAS, J.C. VILLEGIER, J.L. SAUVAGEOT, C. PIGOT, Structure, electrical conductivity, critical superconducting temperature and mechanical properties of TiN_{x}O_{y} thin films. Proceeding of 40^{th} ICMCTF, San Diego April 29^{th}-May 3^{rd} 2013. Surface and Coatings Technology , 237, pp. 196-204 (2013) (Affiche)

Structural and elastic properties of ternary metal nitrides Ti_xTa_{1-x}N alloys : first-principles calculations versus experiments,
Proceeding of 39^{th} ICMCTF, San Diego 23-27^{th} April 2012. Surface and Coatings Technology , 215, pp. 199-208 (2013) (Affiche)

- S. DJAZIRI, D. FAURIE, E. LE BOURHIS, Ph. GOUDEAU, P-O. RENAULT, C. MOCUTA, D. THIAUDIERE, F. HILD, « Deformation modes of nanostructured thin film under controlled biaxial deformation » Thin Solid Films 530, 30 (2013)

- D. FAURIE, G. GEANDIER, P. –O. RENAULT, E. LE BOURHIS, D. THIAUDIERE, “Sin2 ψ analysis in thin films using 2D detectors : Non-linearity due to set-up, stress state and microstructure” Thin Solid Films 530, 25 (2013)

- S. DJAZIRI, D. FAURIE, P.-O. RENAULT, E. LE BOURHIS, PH. GOUDEAU, G. GEANDIER, D. THIAUDIERE, "Yield surface of polycrystalline thin films as revealed by non-equibiaxial loadings at small deformation" Acta Materialia 61, 5067 (2013)

- P.-O. RENAULT, E. LE BOURHIS, PH. GOUDEAU, D. THIAUDIERE, D. FAURIE, "Non-equibiaxial deformation of W/Cu nanocomposite thin films on stretchable substrate : Effect of loading path" Thin Solid Films, in press, (2013)


- KH. BOUAMAMA, P. DJEMIA, D, FAURIE, G. ABADIAS, Structural and elastic properties of single-crystal and polycrystalline Ti_{1-x}Zr_xN alloys : a computational study, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 536S, pp. S138-S142 (2012)

- G. ABADIAS, V.I. IVASHCHENKO, L. BELLIARD, P. DJEMIA, Structure, phase stability and elastic properties in the Ti_{1-x}Zr_xN thin-film system : Experimental and computational studies, Acta Materiala 60, pp.5601-5614 (2012)

- A A Stashkevich, M P Kostylev, Y Roussigné, N A Grigoryeva, A A Mistonov, D Menzel, N A Sapoletova, K S Napolskii, A A Eliseev, A V Lukashin, S V Grigoriev, L Belliard, B Bonello, Ph Djemia , Magnonic and phononic properties of inverse opal structures, Metamaterials ’2012 : The Sixth International Congress on Advanced Electromagnetic Materials in Microwaves and Optics

Effect of SPS process sintering on the microstructure and mechanical properties of nanocrystalline TiC for tools application,
International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials, 30 (1), pp. 64-72 (2012)

The effect of Ti substitution by Zr on the microstructure and mechanical properties of the cermet T1-xZrxC sintered by SPS,
International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials, 31, pp. 132-137 (2012)

- C. LE BOURLOT, P. LANDOIS, S. DJAZIRI, P.-O. RENAULT, E. LE BOURHIS, P. GOUDEAU, M. PINAULT, M. MAYNE-L’HERMITE, B. BACROIX, D. FAURIE, O. CASTELNAU, P. LAUNOIS and S. ROUZIERE, “Synchrotron X-ray diffraction experiments with a prototype hybrid pixel detector” Journal of Applied Crystallography 45, 38-47 (2012).

- P.O. RENAULT, D. FAURIE, E. LE BOURHIS, G. GEANDIER, M. DROUET, D. THIAUDIERE, Ph. GOUDEAU, « Deposition of ultra-thin gold film on in situ loaded polymeric substrate for compression tests » Materials Letters 73, 99-102 (2012).

- J. PETIT, M. BORNERT, F. HOFMANN, O. ROBACH, J. S. MICHA, O. ULRICH, C. LE BOURLOT, D. FAURIE, A. M. KORSUNSKY, O. CASTELNAU, « Combining Laue microdiffraction and digital image correlation for improved measurements of the elastic strain field with micrometer spatial resolution » Procedia IUTAM 4, 133-143 (2012)

- D. FAURIE, P.-O. RENAULT, E. LE BOURHIS, M. DROUET, P. GOUDEAU, « X-ray elastic strain analysis of compressed Au thin film on polymer substrate » Surfaces and Coatings Technology 215, 322 (2012)

Publications pour la période 2007-2011

Thèses en cours

  • Chen-Hui Li, bourse du China Scholaship Council (2015-2019), Ab initio calculations of -structural and elastic properties of multicomponent alloys : -applications to high entropy alloys and their nitrides (direction : P. Djemia). Collaboration avec le Pr. Qing Miao HU (Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science, China).
  • Merabtine Skander, bourse ministérielle (2014-2017), Etude de couches minces de verres métalliques : du procédé aux propriétés mécaniques (Co-direction : F. Challali, P. Djemia).
  • Mouhamadou GUEYE, bourse ministérielle (2013-2016), Déformations élastiques et propriétés magnétiques associées de films minces et de réseaux de fils ferromagnétiques sur substrat piezoélectrique en collaboration avec les deux autres opérations de recherche de Finano (Co-direction : F. Zighem, S. Mercone, M. Belmeguenai, D. Faurie). Nous apporterons nos compétences en diffraction pour mesurer des déformations élastiques dans des films sollicités in situ (films continus ou nanostructurés par lithograhie).

Thèses soutenues

  • Tarik SADAT, Thèse soutenue le 18 décembre 2015, Matériaux Métalliques Multi-structurés élaborés par Frittage Flash : étude des micro-mécanismes de déformation par diffraction des rayons X et traction in situ en collaboration avec l’équipe EMC3 (Co-direction : G. Dirras, D. Faurie, D. Tingaud). Notre contribution au travail de thèse consiste à apporter nos compétences en nanomécanique à l’étude des matériaux élaborés par la technique SPS.


HDR Soutenues

  • Damien FAURIE, Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches, Université Paris 13, soutenue le 3 Juillet 2012, Etude des champs de déformations élastiques dans des films minces polycristallins
  • Philippe DJEMIA, Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches, Université Paris 13, soutenue le 19 Novembre 2007, Contribution à la caractérisation des propriétés élastiques ou magnétiques de multicouches

Biswanath Samantaray

Biswanath Samantaray (from IIT Guwahati (India)) : After his doctorate at IIT Guwahati, supervised by Pr. S. Ravi, Biswanath Samantaray has been Postdoc in Finano team (LSPM, CNRS) from Mai 2012 (...)

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Noudjoud Legba

Noudjoud LEBGA, thèse de doctorat de l’Université Paris 13 et de l’université Fehrat Abbas (Sétif, Algérie), soutenue le 15 décembre 2011, Propriétés structurales, élastiques et optiques de (...)

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Mohamed Benhamida

Mohamed BENHAMIDA, thèse de doctorat Algérienne, Université de Fehrat Abbas,Sétif, soutenue le 21 juin 2014, Calculs ab-initio des propriétés structurales, électroniques et élastiques de nitrures de (...)

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Publications 2011-2007

K. DAOUD, K. BOUAMAMA, P. DJEMIA, SM. CHERIF, Ab initio calculation of the elastic properties and the lattice dynamics of the AlAs$_x$Sb$_1-x$ alloy under pressure High Pressure Research, (...)

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